Well we had a great trip to Ekka all planned including taking one of my great friends and fellow rider TAz Hulton with us... All was going to plan until we got to Mt Larcom to take the horses off for a break and we noticed a considerable amount of oil spraying out of the Turbo on the Truck... Turns out it was in the early stages of blowing up. So we needed to get a new Turbo for the truck which caused all more kinds of issues.

We still had a great show with placing in nearly all our classes bar 3 classes. We also leant both of our hacks "Compete" & "Ridge Park Don't Worry" to Chloe Morrow for her Rider Classes and she placed 6th & 4th...!!! We were so veryhappy for her and that our boys were so good for her. I obtained 6th in my Open LAdy Rider on my young hack whichh I was wrapped about. Wasnt as great as winning Champion like the year before however its great feeling when the young horses step up into the big shoes of the ones before them.

All in all we had a great fun time at the Ekka as always and we are always greatful to place in our classes as many people are not so fortunate.

A big thanks to Taz Hulton for helping me so much, rushing around after me, getting up so early with me and always making sue I had a good supply of Coffee...!!

And of course my mum for been there once again keeping it all together..!!


What a fantastic end to the 2011 show season in North Qld for us before the Ekka. First day of show was all the leds and our newcomer hack "Ridge Park Don't Worry" took out the Champion TB and Champion ANSA led and then further on taking Supreme Led Gelding of the Show, which for 'Ridge Park' was the fourth year in a row that we have claimed that title with our TB's & ANSA horses.

The 2nd day got off to a great start by winning the Turnout for Ladies over 17. We were very happy with this as it was the third year in a row too..!! We also obtained 2nd in the Lady Rider and Res Champ Lady Rider.

The 3rd day was the best for us as our Newcomer Hack went out and worked great to claim Res Champ Novice Hack. HE followed up with a 3rd in the Open which we were very happy with as it was a strong class.

But the best was to come. "Compete" went out in a strong open hack to claim the 1st prize. He folowed this up with winning the Open Lady's Hack as well. Next was the Champion and it was a strong championship and nerves were running high as we have already won this two (2) years in a row and we were aiming for a 3rd. Workout was going great until we had a little shy at the showjumps been taken down however we rode through it and finished with a massive extended trot down the side. This must have paid off as we were still declared the Champion Open Hack for 3rd year in a Row..!!! Been the biggest show in Nth Qld and what I consider my home show, we were absolutely thrilled...!!!!

"Compete" went on to be declared Supreme HAck of the Show once again..!!

He was soon after this show sold to a great family in NSW as he had nothing more to prove in Nth Qld...:)


Well what a testing week. First all 3 of our horses got sick after first night at Mackay Show. We believe the water could be the culprit, being heavily tainted with chemicals. Our horses living only on clean river and rain water did not seem to cope. Due to this our big hack looked like he halfed his body weight & the other two were not much better. Was a very messy situation to clean up all show. Soon as horses back home there sickness has stopped. However apart from this we had a great show taking 3 Champions and 4 Reserves home from the Show.

MORE TO COME........................!!!


Firstly we like to say a BIG congratulations to the winners of the events we sponsored at this years show. That being Champion & Reserve Child Rider, Champuion & Reserve Hunter of Show and Champion & Reserve Adult Rider. We hope you all like your Trophies..!!!

Once again Mareeba All Breeds was a great show, apart from the endless dust..!!!

Great to see big numbers at the Show. We had another Fantastic show with 'COMPETE' taking out Champion Led TB for second year in a row on the first day. On the second day he also performed fantastic taking out Champion Hack and Supreme Champion Hack once again for the second year in a row. He also took Samantha to Champion Lady Rider as well. Our new young hack 'DON'T WORRY' had a few issues with the gate but apart from that went lovely for placings in all his hack classes. And our lovely Welsh B stallion 'RADNOR WATTLE' won both his Welsh B and Saddle Pony classes. We were greatly impressed with his manners on the day as he has not been to a show or event in 6 years. He handled it all like a seasoned pro.

CONDOLENCES:- To Taz Hulton... We have been very sad to hear about the passing of "Doody" after an unfortunate accident and send our condolences Taz Hulton in loosing her fabulous horse. I have been competing against Taz for many many years and "DOODY" was her great campaigner she trained herself winning many many ribbons in not only showing but also Showjumping, Eventing, Dressgage & Sporting. Yes he could do everything and he was a TB...!!

We wish Taz the very best for the coming weeks in this very hard time.


Show Horse Council of Australasia

TOP 10 Grand National Rider of the Year

Due to a cyclone, an excessive amount of rain and 70 odd clients spelling horses here at 'Ridge Park', we decided not to travel our own horses to the Nationals for Samantha to compete in the 'Grand National Rider 21 yrs & Over', but instead borrow a horse. After loosing the horse Samantha had organised to a serious injury, we were able to secure her a ride upon a very well known & performed hack "Democracy".

Democracy gave Sam a lovely ride and produced a super work out for her to result TOP 10 Grand National Rider of the Year out of 33 riders from across Australia who all qualified by winning a Championship Rider Class at a Royal or HOTY show.


Many a horse competitor and equestrian spectators would remeber our grand little pony "Spec" who sadly was laid to rest at 'Ridge Park' after living to a very impressive age of 33. Spec who was of Foundation Australian Pony bloodlines tuaght both Samantha and Michael to ride and take them to endless awards and achievements right up to the age of 20 when we retired him from the Show ring. At that last show 'Spec' rightly took out the Supreme Champion Hack award. He never looked his age or behaved his age either and at numerous events he taught Sam the hard way she should pay more attention to what she is doing while riding by throwing her off over his head or out the side.

Right to the end he was still the cheeky little pony we always loved by still escaping his yard and playing havoc with the Stallions or raiding the feed area and doing his best to eat all the lucerne..!!

He will be greatly missed.

RADNOOR WATTLE - Has Arrived at "Ridge Park' -

This is a pic from when shown as a 3yr old

We are very happy to announce the safe arrival of our new resident Welsh B stallion 'RADNOOR WATTLE'. After spending a very long time searching for a pony stallion that fitted our criteria, we found the one in 'Willy'. He has made the long journey from Victoria and by all accounts has settled in well. We hope to cover some of our mares late in the season and then in 2011 breeding season he will be available to the public. With already many credientials to his name when show as a young stallion we will be hopefully showing him in our June/July show season and take him to the Ekka as well.

Some pics below, we hope to have some nice new photos of him when shows commence..!!

'Willy' in the paddock just before he headed for North QLD.

North Qld Sport Star of the Year 2010

Here at Ridge Park we are very happy to announce that Samantha has topped of an amazing year with winning the North Qld Sport Star of the Year Awards. She beat out some tough competition that participate, and have gained state, national and international success in Boxing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Hockey, swimming and more..!! We were actually sitting there thinking that there is no way a horse riding entrant could possibly beat other entrants from the list of very popular sports, however is seems we were wrong. We are very happy to bring some attention to the amount of work and effort ALL horse riders put in to gain there success's. It can take a lifetime of work as we all know..!

Brisbane Royal 2010- Champion Lady Rider..!!!

Well all we can say about this years Brisbane 'Ekka' Royal is "WOW"..!!

This year life was easy at the 'Ekka' with us only taking one horse 'Ridge Park Compete'. Monday was a wonderful day and our goal was to place in the Novice hack class which we did, and place again in the Lady Rider 21yrs and over as in 2008 Samantha obtained 2nd place in this class. Well this year Sam did one better and claimed 1st place in Novice Lady Rider 21yrs and over..!! It was all very exciting. The next day was Champion Lady Rider and we did not anticipate what ws about to happen. Riding against some very well performed and experienced riders in the Championship, Sam was barely nervous as the thought of winning did not seem possible . However after a foot perfect work- out aboard her very faithful 'Compete' in very wet slippery conditions we had the best suprise of all in Sam been announced the Champion Lady Rider of the Show..!! This is something none of us ever dreamed of happening and is something we will always remember for a very long time..

The rest of the show continued well with 'Compete' placing in nearly all his classes bar two so it was a show to come home very happy from. A great follow up from 2008.