Welcome to RIDGE PARK SPELLING, AGISTMENT & BREEDING FACILITY, which is proudly owned & operated by the Le Brocq Family of Mareeba.

We hope you can find everything you need here at RIDGE PARK SPELLING & AGISTMENT were we are focused on providing high-quality long & short term Spelling, Agistment, Training & Breeding service's to the equine community of Far North Queensland. The Le Brocq Family have spent a liftime working with, training and showing horses. Both Ross & Sylvia spent their youth to their adult life around horses competing in Pony Club, local Ag. shows as well as the Royal Meborne & Adelaide Shows. So it was only natural their children would take a interest in the equestrian fields.

At 'Ridge Park' we will do everything we can to look after your Equine friends needs & expectations.

Check out the NEWS page.... for all the latest happening with the horses at 'Ridge Park'..

There's much more to come!